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I have been waiting a couple years to have this done. I am very HAPPY to have had Herman Solis to do the job. He is a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST. Every day everything was picked up, back to work early the next day.

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We Design and Build Irrigation Systems, Waterfalls and Ponds banner

Solis Landscape Construction can design a low-flow irrigation system for your home or business that utilizes California native drought and heat tolerant plants, combined with unique landscape water features like fountains and waterfalls for dramatic effect. By conserving water where we can, we can help homeowners cut their landscaping water consumption dramatically while maintaining a beautiful low-maintenance landscape.

Creative low-flow irrigation design and installation is one of our specialties – helping homeowners maximize every drop of water to create the best overall use of water on their properties. At the same time, a dramatic waterfall, fountain or pond combined with low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting can create a backyard or patio built for entertaining and family enjoyment.

  • Landscape Drainage Systems Designed, Installed or Repaired
  • Landscape Irrigation Design & Installation
  • Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  • Waterfall Design and Installation
  • Fountain and Pond Installation